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What You Need to Know Before You Sign a Warehouse Lease in Columbus

What You Need to Know Before You Sign a Warehouse Lease in Columbus
September 29, 2021

Finding warehouse spaces in the Columbus area can be a challenge. With a growing population and expanding employment opportunities, Columbus is the place to do business. There are some things you should know before opening a warehouse in Columbus, though. You may be ready to get your product in the middle of the action yesterday, but not so fast! Before signing that lease, make sure it’s going to work for you.


As your business’s needs change throughout the year, your warehouse space should accommodate them. Whether you need more help getting through peak season or require less space during slower times, you should only pay for the square footage you need. MWD works with you to adjust your level of inventory along the way to allow you to save with flexible warehousing solutions

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Finding warehouse space for your product in Columbus doesn’t have to be a challenging process. Getting set up with MWD is easy. We provide you with a contract with terms and conditions, as well as a quotation form. You decide how to pay for space: by square foot or pallet. We can quote either way for your convenience. 

Secure Your Warehouse Now

Extra Fees 

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday business operations in Columbus, the last thing you have time for is discovering a hidden fee! We keep your pricing and billing simplified and limit add-on fees. The a la carte system may work just fine at your favorite cafe, but not your warehouse. Unlike other warehouses, we keep our fee structure simple to ensure what we quote is what you can actually expect to pay monthly with no surprises.

The warehousing experts at MWD specialize in finding you the space you need so you can focus on your product without becoming overwhelmed with distribution services and supply chain management. Gain peace of mind as a logistics manager by working with a qualified 3PL team. 

Whether you need warehouse storage, inventory control, distribution, or all of the above, we’re just a phone call away from everything you need for a successful Columbus warehousing experience. Contact us today to get started.


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