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How to Save With Flexible Warehouse Solutions

How to Save With Flexible Warehouse Solutions
February 10, 2021

With the rapid expansion of consumer demand for direct, quick shipping of products, companies have made significant changes in their supply chains to keep up. One way is by contracting with flexible warehousing providers to store, handle, and ship their products.

What is Flexible Warehousing?

Flexible warehousing is a distribution model that allows you to pay for only the space and services you need to manage your inventory. When you don’t have to invest in your own traditional facilities, you can scale the size, locations, and capabilities of your warehousing and fulfillment network to meet your business’s changing demands. 

How Will it Benefit My Plant?

Flexible warehouse solutions like MWD Logistics can provide, saves time and money for your plant by helping you streamline your resources in a number of ways.

Save Capital

Focus on investing in your product, not storage space, by allowing MWD to store your inventory nearly anywhere in the US. With both short and long-term storage options available, you can truly pay as you go.

Save Shipping Time and Costs

Today, shipping is king. By storing finished products closer to your customer, you can meet their demands for fast delivery. Need immediate product storage space? MWD has existing building space available ASAP, but can also help get you in a new location nearly anywhere you need.

Save on Labor Costs 

By using MWD's team, you won’t need to pay your own to store, move, and ship products to your customer. You can use your labor resources to focus on perfecting the product itself.

Save on Planning

Not sure where to begin with storing and shipping your product? MWD, your all-inclusive 3PL experts, work as an extension of your team to find the best solutions for inventory management, logistics, warehouse storage, and trucking. 

Providing flexible warehousing since 1991, MWD can be where you need to be. Your problem is our solution! Contact us today to get started. 

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