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Distribution Services

Need help getting things moving?

Let us take care of the details.

We’ll meet your handling, shipment, and inventory needs with our award-winning distribution service.

material handling services

Material Handling

Material handling provided at a per pallet or hourly basis.

trucking and brokerage logistic services

Trucking Services

Our trucking division can help transport your goods anywhere in the country. We specialize in full truckload and expedited services.

logistics equipment rental


  • Fork trucks (5,000-12,000 lb. capacity)
  • Box clamp trucks
  • Roll clamp
  • Guided electric picker

inventory control services

Inventory Control

  • Computer control of storage and retrieval of product
  • Perpetually maintained inventory
  • Stock status and item activity reports
  • Bills of lading creation
  • Cycle counting and physical inventory services

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