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Supply Chain Challenges
and How 3PL Warehousing Can Help

Supply Chain Challenges and How 3PL Warehousing Can Help
November 18, 2022

We all hoped that the supply chain issues during and after the onset of the pandemic would be resolved by now, but here we are, nearly three years later, and businesses around the world continue to face supply shortages and delays. 

The crisis is a complex one, with many different contributing factors. According to Supply Chain Management Review, more than half of business leaders attribute their supply chain shortages to global political unrest, while 44% cite a lack of raw materials, and 40% point the blame at rising fuel and energy costs. Just under one-third cite inflation as a major contributor to supply chain issues.

Every organization recognizes the need to address their supply chain concerns and adapt to the evolving situation. Most of the business leaders surveyed plan to adopt new technologies, implement new contingency measures, and prioritize U.S.-based supply chain solutions. On top of these measures, “Nearly two in three companies (64%) are moving from a just-in-time supply chain to a just-in-case supply chain by increasing the amount of inventory stored. In fact, 63% think the United States should adopt this approach to overcome potential supply chain crises this year” (Supply Chain Management Review, October 31, 2022).

This move to “just-in-case” supply chain means companies can meet a fluctuating customer demand amidst uncertainty about the availability of future supply, but it also means an increased need for inventory storage.

3PL Warehousing Supports the Just-in-Case Supply Chain

Manufacturers of seasonal products are already well acquainted with the “feast or famine” of their product lines, but as more and more manufacturers move towards this just-in-case supply chain solution, there’s an increased need for warehousing space that provides you with the flexibility to manage and adjust your inventory.

Rather than investing in a lease or building additional warehouse space you then have to manage, partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse company can give you the flexibility you need to adapt to the supply chain crisis while fulfilling customer demand so you don’t miss out on sales. MWD Logistics has warehouses strategically located near prime shipping routes and ports around the United States to help you meet the demands of your customers while maintaining the nimbleness and flexibility you need to adapt to fluctuations in the supply chain. 

Put your products and supplies within easy reach of your customers and manufacturing facilities. Browse our available warehouse spaces or learn more about what it means to work with MWD Logistics to fulfill your 3PL warehousing needs. 

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