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Why MWD?

 It's about a relationship and trust. 

Our business is built on these principles. 

MWD Logistics works hard to understand your business process inside and out, giving you the personalized service you need to get the job done right. Whether you need warehouse storage, inventory control, distribution, or all of the above, we’re just a phone call away from everything you need.

Our logistics professionals can keep you from becoming overwhelmed with distribution services and supply chain management. 

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Within Every Problem, There’s an Opportunity

No matter what the challenge, the answer at MWD Logistics is always "yes." Yes, we can help you find a custom solution. Through creativity, every challenge becomes an opportunity.

Flexible Warehousing Solutions Since 1991

Business is innovating at a faster rate than ever. Our flexible warehousing solutions and agile logistics allow us to adapt to your needs to be where you need to be.

Profit Matters

Efficient processes and smart systems benefit everyone. We aim to make you more profitable through lean operations, which in turn affects our profit. We’re better together.

When Employees Grow, MWD Grows

Our employees are our greatest asset. Employees should have the opportunity to grow and develop to continue doing work that brings them satisfaction.

We Take This Business Personally

Communication. Trust. Relationship. Don’t get caught up in the impersonal rigamarole of huge logistics companies. At MWD, our best customers become our friends.


Our company leaders are here to serve with decades of management, distribution, and sales experience under their belts.

Corporate leaders

Brian Glowaski

Brian Glowaski

  • B.S. Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, Penn State University
  • 30 Years experience in Manufacturing/Distribution

Chris Laux
Vice President Sales and Marketing

  • B.A. Economics, Wofford College
  • 30 Years of Sales/Management experience in LTL Trucking, Manufacturing & Retail Logistics

Joel Workman - Director of Operations

Joel workman
Vice President of Operations

  • Business Management, NCSC
  • 8 years experience in Operations Management  

Chris Swearingen
Director  - IT & Operations

  • 25 Years experience in IT, Warehousing, & Logistics

Trenton Gray
Western Regional Manager

Dean Williams
Southern Regional Manager

Chris Zeigler
Northern Regional Manager

Barb Glowaski
Account Manager

Carol Davis
Customer Manager

Kevin Burwell

Kevin Burwell
General Manager
( Atlanta ) 

Steven Sigafoos

Seth Hoffman
General Manager
( Bucyrus ) 

Rich Aseves
General Manager 
( Chicago )

Steven Sigafoos

Steven Sigafoos
General Manager
( Delaware ) 

Steven Sigafoos

Nick Cox
General Manager
( Little Rock ) 

DAn Pind
General Manager
( Macon ) 

Denny Toth

Denny toth
General Manager
( Mentor ) 

DAwn Stevenson
Operations Manager
( Mentor ) 

Chris Zeigler

Jayme Ewing
General Manager
( Morrow )

Dan Cline

Dan Cline
Operations Manager 
( Ontario )

Dave Bollinger
General Manager 
( Park Ave )

Shane Reiter
General Manager 
( South Bend )

 MWD Logistics Sales & Marketing
419-544-5409 or  chris.laux@mwdlogistics.com

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