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COVID-19 Statement

As we are all aware, the coronavirus is front and center in the news. The State of Ohio, along with many other states across the country, has declared a State of Emergency. Our Governor has closed all schools for 3 weeks and banned gatherings of 100 people or more at all events. We have been on several conference calls and shared best practices with other businesses on what they are doing with this issue . MWD Logistics has put procedures in place to protect our associates, while operating our business and serving customers without disruption.  We’re asking all our customers and business partners to adhere to our efforts in protecting our people and protecting our business. It’s important to emphasize that we do not have any reports of coronavirus among our associates. Every precautionary and preparatory step we have taken - and continue to adopt - is meant to keep it that way.  

The CDC indicates that the spread of the virus is specifically from social contact. The biggest area of concern in our business is contact with truck drivers. Therefore, effective today (March 12, 2020)  and until further notice, each of our locations will have a policy in place to conduct business as normal, but avoid all direct contact with drivers. Each location will set up a system that works best for them, but the premise will be the same. All communication/instructions with drivers will be done over the phone and exchange of paperwork will be through a third party vessel (i.e mailbox, plastic container, etc) outside of the facility. We will be requiring drivers to stay in their truck at all times while at our facilities. No drivers will be allowed in our facilities for any reason.  All visitors (non-drivers) must also contact us by phone or email in advance to see if a face-to-face meeting or entry to our facilities is needed. If the business can be handled without entry we want to do it that way.

Thanks in advance for respecting and adhering to this new policy. If you have any questions and/or concerns feel free to contact me @ 419-544-5409. 

Chris Laux - VP Sales

 MWD Logistics Sales & Marketing
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