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4 Profit-Boosting Reasons Why 3PL Beats Buying or Building a Warehouse

4 Profit-Boosting Reasons Why 3PL Beats Buying or Building a Warehouse
August 24, 2023

Hey, before we dive in here, you deserve a pat on the back. 

No, seriously. 

If you’re researching warehouse solutions, it means there’s growth in your industry and you’re looking for innovative ways to capitalize on it. That means more jobs, more opportunity, and more money flowing through the American economy.

We applaud your success and want to support you!

We know your growth doesn’t happen without risk. When it’s time to expand your operations, you need to invest in warehousing to accommodate more raw materials, finished goods, seasonal products, or idle equipment.

But new facilities are expensive. (Like, take-a-company-down expensive.)

So here are four growth-focused reasons why working with a third-party logistics (3PL) warehouse solution beats buying or building your own warehouse space.

1. Save Time with 3PL Warehousing

It can take months or even years to construct a new warehouse. Even if you have the land already, you still have to go through all of the work of financing, zoning, contracting, construction, code compliance, and more before you can ever start storing your goods underneath the roof of your new warehouse.

With a 3PL warehousing company like MWD Logistics, you choose your location, sign an agreement, and tell your people the new address. It’s just about that simple—we take care of the rest. 

Instead of taking months of your time outside of your regular work responsibilities, you can be up and running in no time at all.

2. Stay Flexible with 3PL Warehousing

The economy seems to be on the up-and-up again, but global unrest and political uncertainty could turn everything on its head… again. What will you do with an unfinished warehouse if something drastic happens with the supply chain… again?

3PL warehousing gives you the flexibility to adjust on the fly to rising and falling demands on your industry without the long-term investment in a property you don’t know for sure you’re going to be able to keep full.

And, if you offer seasonal products or seasonal services, 3PL warehousing gives you the flexibility to accommodate that influx of product in storage for the time you need it, instead of paying for an empty warehouse the other six months out of the year.

3. Avoid Staffing Hassles with 3PL Warehousing

We all know what a challenge it is to stop the revolving door of personnel in our companies. Do you really want to add yet another facility you need to staff with even more people you need to hire?

We manage and maintain staffing in our warehouses so that the property is managed efficiently. This reduces your HR headaches and keeps us lean and nimble, meeting the needs of our customers with the prime number of employees on-hand.

4. Respond Fast with 3PL Warehousing

Customer demands and the unpredictability of the supply chain in the last few years have thrown all of us into scamper-and-react mode. Lately, things have seemed to settle down. Which means now is a great time to shift back into planning for proactive action.

When the world is throwing constant curve balls, 3PL warehousing allows you to respond fast and pivot to the best new tactic. Whether thats adding more inventory, shrinking production, or striking out to new territory. 

Without the heavy investment in a permanent warehouse solution on your own property, you can stay nimble and agile, investing your resources in the products that actually make you money.

3PL Warehousing – Yes, No, or Maybe?

If you still aren’t convinced that working with a 3PL is the right solution for you, call 419-522-3510 or contact us to learn more about how 3PL warehousing works, how much it costs, and why it’s the better option than building.

If the choice is clear and 3PL makes the most sense for your operation, connect with us or find a warehouse location. We have the flexibility to work with companies who need warehouse space beyond this map as well.

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